Sunday, March 13, 2011

Marry Gay Men to Lesbian Women

Could Christian Adventist ministry use this approach presented in the article in question when evangelizing the lesbian-gay population especially the critical college-age demographic group? If fertility was absent though, it would be a less viable solution. Food for thought, nevertheless. God bless.

Please see the following link for full article:  Marry Gays to Lesbians


Debra Anne Wintsmith said...

What do you mean "if fertility is absent, it would be a less viable solution"? Not every marriage produces children, not every marriage is fertile. Certainly in this day and age, it is not necessary nor desirable that every marriage produce more people. If I recall the creation story correctly, companionship and having a helpmate were the prime reasons that God made the first couple. These days now that the planet is well populated, fertility is no longer of the prime importance that it was when the world was new. Therefore, a lesbian-gay union could provide a helpmate and companionship, which should be as viable in Christianity as in Orthodox Judaism.

Raul Batista (Varonelo) said...

Thank you, Debra Ann, for the point of view you present. It is a valid point. God bless.