Sunday, November 22, 2009

Waiting for God to Bless You

When things don't go right you have to hold on until times of refreshing return. The bible can be of help as well as singing Christian hymns and other spiritual songs. Praying can benefit you in times of need, as well. Nevertheless, when all has been done, you can't continue to read your bible all day, or pray all day, or even sing all day. You have to get on with the challenge of living your life no matter if it may not be as smooth as you would like it to be. You then have to hunker down, as best as  you can, and wait for God to act mercifully in your life. A friend may call and that will pass the time, but, again, you can't talk to your friend all day long. The time to deal with life and its imperfections comes to us all. May God have mercy on us all and shorten the wait time.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

John Lennon's Crucifixion Obsession

At the time John Lennon wrote the lyrics to The Ballad of John and Yoko which he recorded with the Beatles, he was criticized for referring to Christ's crucifixion in a rock song or for alluding to it in a secular context. It was especially displeasing to Christians that Lennon, an apparent atheist or agnostic, and one who was infamous for his "The Beatles are more popular than Jesus" statement, would then turn around and say that "the way things are going, they're trying to crucify me." To be quiet honest I have never liked his song very much, and quite recently, skip it when it comes up in the CD album sequence on my imaginary Ipod. I never cared for this song until today and the experience I had that gave me a first hand example of being crucified by others.

I started a new job about a month ago and though I've given it my all to the point of becoming physically sick by the rigors of the job, I, nevertheless, continued to be as helpful and as respectful of all I work with, both supervisors and those I supervise.

All this, I found out today, was in vain, apparently. My good intentions were mistaken for bad intentions. My going the extra mile was mistaken for cutting corners. My attention to detail was mistaken for bad judgment. My friendliness was mistaken for wasting time with needless pleasantries. My requests for information were mistaken for needless questioning of department policies. My adherence to department guidelines were mistaken for lack of flexibility. My confident assertiveness in the face of discourtesy by a subordinate was mistaken for intolerance toward someone who was trying to show me a better way to get the job done. In other words, I could do no right when trying to do so, and when I did right I was accused of not doing right in the first place.

At long last I felt, first hand, what it feels like when people try to crucify you. So to John Lennon's memory I apologize for thinking him insensitive to Christians for speaking of people trying to crucify you.

On a good note--all such cleansing revelations should have some positive lesson to learn--I realized that only Christ can take out the nails that others have tried all week long to drive into my hand, my feet, my bleeding side, as the hymn states. [When I Survey the Wondrous Cross on Which the Prince of Glory Died]. I always toyed with the mental image of being crucified with Christ, well, now I've got what I asked for. I know what it is to be crucified first hand.

May God bless you as well, as you ask him to take from out of your hands the nails that others--whether work associates, spouses, friends, family or strangers have driven into your hands. May Christ relieve your pain and may he cleanse you with his healing favor.