Monday, January 12, 2009

The Gods of the Internet Age

I love reading the Bible, especially the New Testament. However, when I read it I sometimes realize that the only reason I believe in its spiritual realities is because they appear in its pages. Yes, I see a change in my life from when I didn't read the Bible. But it still strikes me as amazing that aside from the Bible there is no accounting for all this talk of God, Christ, and the spiritual life.

Others believe in the realities the Bible speaks of because they heard it from others and were convinced by the account of the people who spoke to them about it.

Of course, other religions, e.g., Hindus, believe their religious tradition because it's mentioned in their religious texts.

The printed word continues to exert influence. Entire movements have begun simply because someone put words on paper.

What kind of movements might yet come into being, not because someone writes about them, but because a computerized program creates that new reality? So many people's lives revolve around the Internet and its labyrinthine realities. What's to stop some of them from choosing a life based on Internet realities?

Welcome to the transcendent worlds and realities of the Internet and their effects on people's lives.

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