Thursday, March 06, 2008

Gays in a Sexless Heaven

Perhaps a solution to gays and lesbians in the church might be some variation on the following idea:

This approach would benefit the mainstream church and its gay-lesbian-transgender members/visitors.

This approach is for spiritual minded folk who seriously love Christ and who want to maintain a love relationship with him.

More important than the actual sex is the companionship that any relationship provides.

Heterosexuals that have been married for years sometimes have sex out of courtesy and not because they are inflamed with passion for each other.

The proposal: in the same way that heterosexuals who are unmarried cannot have sex but can embrace and provide companionship for each other, and with great restraint might even live close to each other or in the same building or suite, gay-lesbians-transgender members/visitors of the Adventist church should be accorded the same privilege.

Yes sex is important in human life, but companionship and moral support for each other is even more important.

Of course, some mainstream members might question whether gay couples could live together or near each other without the temptation to "go all the way" but that can also be said for unmarried heterosexual members. (Some conservative members who divorced, and not because of adultery, might find someone they love, but feel in their conscience that they should never remarry, but must remain celibate all their life. They would be in the same sexless situation that celibate, but committed gay/lesbian/transgender couples would be.)

Through prayer and bible study and a loving support community, it is certainly possible to live with the one you love or close to that person, and still enjoy a celibate life. There are heterosexual couples that have greater pleasure in sharing a meal together or taking in a museum exhibit regularly than the actual pursuit of the perfect orgasm and it's aftermath. Some put up with less-than-ideal sex, in order to enjoy the intimacy after all the mechanics of sex have taken its biological course.

I often wonder about homosexual couples in heaven. They, presumably, like other "angelic" beings will live and love each other without resorting to the sexual act.

Some will find problems with this approach, perhaps thinking it impractical. Perhaps others will find it a stepping stone to greater solutions for gay/lesbian/transgender folk, as well as unmarried heterosexual couples in the Adventist-Christian community.

God bless all his children, heterosexual, gay, lesbian, transgender.

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