Thursday, February 14, 2008

Second Life Stream-of-Consciousness

Recount the delight and unusual feelings in meeting someone friendly inside Second Life. It was easier interacting with this cyberfriend than with people in the real world.

Develop an a.i. program to mimic yourself realistically inside Second Life. Once you move on to the next existence, this virtual entity will continue as long as Second Life does. It might even be taken over by Second Life's successors. Load the a.i. program with as much as one's writings, voice clips, video tapings, personality so hardly anyone, except perhaps family members know its not the genuine article.

Develop a cottage industry of virtual replicas of people inside of Second Life who feel their ideas or other contribution would benefit the world posthumously.

Await for the a.i. program or self inside Second Life to one day develop consciousness and then create a replica of itself in order to preserve itself in case someday it moves on to the next existence.

Meet Christ inside of Second Life.

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