Friday, January 25, 2008

Time traveling for the Lord

Years ago I was strangely thrilled when I read Poul Anderson's novel, There will be Time, about how time travelers from different centuries, or millennia, chose the crucifixion of Christ as the probable "center of time" where any and all past and future time travelers could convene to find each other en masse.

From time to time, as I read the gospels I imagine myself being in the multitude as Jesus is teaching or healing or simply walking by a Galilean town. I don't just wish I could have been there, I see myself actually in that time period. I imagine that somehow I brushed up on my Koine Greek that I studied for two years in the 70s, as well as Aramaic and Hebrew. The actual method of time travel is not important but what is important is the question I ask myself every time I find myself back in the days of Christ.

As I come to him to be healed, or blessed, would he realize that I am not of his time, that I am a time traveler from the 21st century? Would that knowledge be imparted to him or would it be kept from him, especially since I know that he will rise from the grave. What proof would I have to show him that we still think of him and pray to him across 2,000 years? Perhaps I could show him my bible in Koine Greek that spells out the future of the early Christian Church. Would he believe me?

Would I be prevented from interacting with him? Would I merely be allowed to observe, but not participate, with him or with anyone I meet?

Since nothing is impossible for God, I would like to travel back in time once this Earthly dispensation finally ends and the eternal dispensation begins. With an eternity to fill up with projects and revelations of God's love, I would love some day to become a time traveler for the Lord and experience Christ's life on Earth first hand .

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Lovely sentiments.